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Bring a smile to

your dog’s face.

We have a variety of Natural Foods, Treats, and Chews! Bring them home some today.


Le Petite Pooch Pet Markets have a variety of US made all Natural Pet Foods. Our Market's selection of foods is guaranteed to be some of the healthiest, and finest pet foods available in the industry. Select stores have selections of Organic Pet Foods for those whose prefer organic. Stores selection's may vary. Our team is constantly reviewing new lines and adding only the best to our selection.

FROMM Family Pet Foods

Zignature Pet Foods

Canidae Pet Foods

Victor Pet Food

Nutrisource Organics

North West Freeze Dried 

Open Farm Freeze Dried


Our stores are stocked with a variety of Natural and Free Range Chews. 

All chews are sourced from the USA! You will find many free range animal parts either smoked or natural for those avid chewers. From Ears (Goat, Cow, Buffalo, Pig), Bully Sticks, and Lamb Tails, you will find something your pet will enjoy. With our selection there's something for everyone , from a Chihuahua to a Burmese Mt. Dog.


Our Salons and Markets are stocked with all the pet beauty products needed to keep your 4 legged friend looking their best. Brushes, combs, colognes, and shampoo and conditioners are among the items you can purchase to enhance your dogs skin & coat. 

The selection you will find will be made of Natural Ingredients, and will be free of pesticides.  We are sure you will find a coat spray or cologne that your family will love!


Our stores are stocked with a variety of stylish Leashes and Collars. Selections may vary by location. Le Petite Pooch is a proud dealer of Lupine Collars & Leashes. Lupine is a US Company and guarantees their items even if Chewed!


Our stores are stocked with a variety of Biscuits and Treats. All treats sold are either Natural or Organic, and made in the USA! You will find many grain-free treats in a variety of recipes. We have treats with limited ingredients for even those with sensitive stomachs. Stop by today and we are sure you will find something your pet will enjoy.

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